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SportsEngine Account Management

For Parents and Athletes - Getting Started Tips

If you are a parent or athlete and are new to SportsEngine, click here for some helpful tips to get you started.

Also, you can download the Getting Started Guide for Parents and Athletes guide which goes into detail on how to use SportsEngine to manage your player's season. 

Creating a SportsEngine Account

All registrants must have or create an account with the Jr. Chargers Volleyball website before registration will be available. If you already have a SportsEngine account from another association you can use the same account.  

  1. Login in using the "Login" link in the upper left corner of this page.  
  2. Once you have logged in click on the link to "Become a member" of our site.  
  3. You can then proceed to the registration links located in the menu to the left.

If you do not already have a SportsEngine account created you can create one by follow the simple steps to create an account provided by SportsEngine by clicking here. (Note: link will open in a new window for easy reference.)  Once your account is created you can follow the steps above.

Please note: If you are creating an account to register your child, create the account in your name and with your information first. Then you register your child and they will then be added as a subprofile to your account.

Linking SportsEngine Accounts

You may want more than one person to receive the same messages sent from a player's team. You can do this by linking another SportsEngine account to the athlete's profile. By doing so, the linked account will receive a copy of all messages sent to the athlete. This would be helpful if a parent has a separate SportsEngine account from their child and would like to receive all messages sent to the child. Also, this would be helpful in situations where parents are in different households and both need to receive the same communications.

  • Click here to learn how to link multiple account
  • Click here to watch a video on how to link multiple accounts